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Alkebulan lifestyle

Alkebu-lan Life-style

Embracing and appreciating African fashion, while expressing cultural identity.

Alkebulan lifestyle wants to contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, by celebrating the diversity and beauty of African fashion. We want our customers to feel confident and embrace their individuality when wearing our garments. Our designs are meant to empower and inspire, allowing each person to express their unique style and personality!

Alkebulan Lifestyle, LLC is an online marketplace for Alkebulan (African) inspired fashion, accessories, health and beauty products, and home decor.  The original name for Africa is Alkebulan.

The idea of Alkebulan Lifestyle came about as Amare and Amani Amari were searching for cultural clothing to wear.  To our surprise there were not any local stores with up to date fashion and these items were extremely hard to find online.  We had a longing to wear the cultural garments of our ancestors and to be connected to the land where we originated.  Not only did we want to experience, feel, and live the culture, we wanted others to experience it with us.

We vowed to find the clothing and began traveling from state to state to find businesses that were into the culture of the Motherland.  

One day to our surprise one of our mentors who is is originally from Alkebulan pulled out of his trunk garments from Accra Ghana.  These garments were absolutely beautiful and the quality was AMAZING!  At that exact same moment we decided that we did not want to just be a wearer of the clothing, but we wanted to create an online hub where fashion designers, artisans, manufacturers, and consumers can meet.

That's why we started Alkebulan Lifestyle.  To promote the fashion and culture of the Motherland to the world all while employing those that are located in Alkebulan and increase the import of goods from Akebulan.  Items are African and African Inspired.

The way we dress is a way of life; it is our culture... It is not a fad!  Established 2018.




Contact Information:

Alkebulan Lifestyle, LLC

Phone:  352-631-8842


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